Ok let’s do it…

So as I write this, it so happens that I’m approximately 13 days away from hopping on a couple of long hauls and emigrating to New Zealand – it still doesn’t really feel real yet despite being so near, but it is, and I am so very excited (and obviously a teeny bit nervous about it all too). I have quite a lot to get sorted (you know, all the important stuff like getting a comfy pillow for the flight..) to distract myself from any kind of nervy feelings so it’s all going swimmingly so far.

I’ll be using this blog not only for my personal training/health & fitness posts, but also to document my move (I mean to say OUR move- naturally my all time favourite human will be by my side) and to keep a note of how we adapt to the Kiwi lifestyle, so feel free to follow my posts and keep a check on us. I have a funny feeling we might just find that we love it… since travelling out to NZ last year and whizzing around in a campervan, we have been keen to get back asap.

Follow along for the ride, South Island here we come!

A x

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  1. Melanie Hook says:

    It all sounds so exciting Alice – it’s going to be wonderful, Melanie and Dave xx

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  2. Ali Arnold says:

    Eek, not long now. Hope all goes well and look forward to hearing your news. Look out for Millie in the New Year! We’ll look after your Mum!

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  3. Sarah Plummer says:

    Exciting times – look forward to hearing all about it!


  4. Eeeek so excited for you!!! See you down there next year xxx

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