Christchurch-underrated city of South Island

We only arrived just over a week ago but it’s flown by and we’ve actually achieved quite a lot in this small timeframe, despite being horrendously jetlagged! We’ve moved into our little home in Christchurch and our car is parked outside our front door – Subaru Outback, typical adventure vehicle and we love it. I even have a bike to get myself around the city (first I need to buy a helmet seen as it’s compulsory to wear one out here). We’re living close to the beautiful Hagley park, an awesome place to go running plus home to the Botanical Gardens.

Hagley Park

At first when we started thinking about our move we never actually planned to settle in Christchurch – but I’m so glad we have. We only visited briefly on our previous travels so I never really got to know it very well. After the last week or so I’ve discovered that it’s a completely underrated city – and I love it. Yes, Christchurch is still recovering from the earthquakes 2010/2011 which destroyed most of the city, and the damage that occurred is shocking and scary – but we’ve been told by more than one local that the city is beginning to find its feet again. The city is full of amazing new buildings and businesses are starting to thrive. The construction continues, but it’s fascinating to see buildings popping up all over the place. The city is welcoming and there are exciting things happening – frequent events and festivals (personally myself and my appetite can’t wait for the South Island Food & Drink festival…there will be wineries) plus, Christchurch is a great base to explore the rest of the island. Ski slopes are a mere 1.5hours away, we can go surfing on the Christchurch beaches and hiking on the hills of Banks Peninsula (hills visible from the city and just carry on rolling into beautiful beaches) – or of course we can explore all of the southern alps, Arthur’s Pass etc.etc. There is so much to explore and discover and I cannot wait!

Rakaia Gorge (about 40min drive from our house)

The only thing I could possibly mark it down on, is the New Zealand tv. A mixture of British tv programmes (from about a month ago), American tv and an array of NZ’s versions of stuff like ‘the One show’ (‘Seven Sharp’) and ‘60minute makeover’. I actually love it, it’s quirky and hilarious. But who has time to watch tv over here anyway? We’ll be too busy hiking up Rapaki to watch the sunset over the city.

More to come,

A x


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  1. Sarah Pond says:

    So glad you guys have found a place to call home, I look forward to the next blog !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alison Arnold says:

    You sound so happy…really lovely to hear how you are settling in xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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