Getting used to it

We have been taking some time to get used to living out here in New Zealand – it’s a funny feeling setting up somewhere entirely new. Even popping out on my bike into the city for the first time on my own I was feeling a bit nervy/half excited but I think that’s completely normal and it doesn’t really phase me anymore! At the moment even the mundane things like popping to the supermarket becomes a really novel thing (making the most of this while it lasts), discovering more new things along the way – chocolate aisle is my favourite, Whittakers is the one but also their Cadburys chocolate out here is super sweet and the Wine is also great, obviously. Fruit and vegetables are NOT the one in the supermarket (imagine if a punnet of grapes at home was £4. Yep, welcome to nz) so I’m heading out to some farm shops for my fruit and veg from now on (such an adult). You also find yourself saying “that’s like ____ back home” or “that’s more expensive/cheaper than at home” about 1000x a day – I do wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where I stop doing this because I’m already annoying myself.

This week I received my first bit of post from the UK (way more exciting than it sounds when you’ve moved a long way) and it’s pretty cool to get your head around the fact that my mum put it in a tiny postbox in Beccles, UK and it arrived at my house on the other side of the world.

Oh and as for the kiwi accent, it’s great and I’m getting used to hearing it all around me – we did have a good laugh at their morning tv programme the other day where they were discussing how to clean their deck (on their house), bear in mind that they pronounce ‘e’ as ‘i’. Need I say more.


Trying out local food places! Falafel salad from a stall at the Container Mall, Chch. 


This is what our local postman drives… hahaha, does the job

Whilst it’s still stupidly tempting to jump into our car and drive out into the amazing places south island has to offer, we do need to earn some pennies so I’ve been working with James on his videography and also pursuing my personal training – which is hugely exciting. It’s an awesome place to get started with a career in fitness out here- plus great for my own training! All is going well so far… update coming soon!

Weekends are our time to head further afield or check out the local area – so this weekend we ventured into the port hills, just a 20 minute drive away, and did some tramping (kiwi word for hiking/walking) around Taylor’s Mistake and Godley Head. With beautiful views over the city and out across the Banks Peninsula, it didn’t disappoint! Imagine the rolling hills of the lake district but with beautiful views out into the bluest sea and panoramic views across the city!


Tramping at Taylor’s Mistake/Godley Head – views across to Diamond Harbour. 



Taylor’s Mistake Beach

I found time this weekend to do some baking (finally bought myself a cake tin for $6 in Warehouse which I was way too happy about) see below..


I also facetimed my family and just chilled out in our lovely new home. I am in my element here and excited for my week to come 🙂

A x

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  1. Melanie Hook says:

    What a lovely account of being in a new country! Brings back some memories…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alison Arnold says:

    Love the post van! I remember how important post from home was when I lived abroad so I can imagine how you felt receiving post from your Mum xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alice says:

      Yes, I love it! I got another bit of post today too-mum sent me an advent calendar!! Xx


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