Show Day

Just got back home after a day at the Canterbury A&P Show – all of this week has been  ‘Cup & Show Week’ with all sorts of events and races going on in Christchurch. The A&P show is essentially like the Norfolk show but soooo much busier (we were surprised at how many people were there) and also with a NZ twist of course- loads of llamas, food & WINE court (loads of food like white bait patties, bacon and avocado rolls and asian inspired stuff – which v popular out here and amazing due to it all being traditional home made food) and obviously plenty of livestock and even a sheep ‘maternity ward’.


Slightly squashed sheep inside one of the enclosures.


Didn’t actually treat myself to one of these but kind of regretting that decision. If you have a sweet tooth, NZ offers some amazing sweet treats/if a little TOO sweet (and that’s coming from me!)


Really tasty raspberry kola made in Nelson – made with natural raspberry flavouring and sparkling water, didn’t taste artificial. 


Loads of british breeds of sheep – took this photo for obvious reasons (home county!)

Super  fun day and we even managed to escape a 4.2 earthquake on the way home because I was driving and didn’t feel a thing! Now feeling exhausted after pacing around in my dungas all day in the heat and dust – also after belly laughing at people playing welly throw.

A x


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