Avalanche Peak

Over the weekend we decided to make the most of our new surroundings and headed out to Arthur’s Pass – a mere 2 hour drive away. We actually visited Arthur’s Pass during our 2016 NZ roadtrip but we only had a quick stopover as the weather wasn’t great so we were basically in a cloud for about a day. This time, however, we hit the jackpot. Due to the clear skies and amazing sunshine, we took on the challenge of Avalanche Peak – I had read blog posts on this hike before, renowned for it’s steep and relentless path up but with breathtaking views at the top. All I can say is, it was WELL worth the 1100m climb and the panoramic views were incredibleeeee!

Check out the photos below – but also you can see a pretty awesome video James made of our hike:


The road leading into Arthur’s Pass. 


Incredible panoramic views at the summit.



Following the markers on the way up!



On our way down (spot me!) an example of what the path looked like most of the way up – steep!


I also was reunited with my old friends, the sandflies – they feasted on me last year and it seemed like this year they were happy to see me again. Shoutout to the particular sandfly who bit me on the face – thanks pal, nice try but last year one of your friends bit me on the eyelid so you’ve got nothing on him.

A x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lucie Hustler says:

    Keep those blogs coming in we love them. Amazing walk and video, the air looks so clean!


  2. Ali says:

    What a great video. Looks so amazing xxx


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