Is the grass greener?

So I’ve just sat down in Coffee Culture (coffee shop near my house, sells ‘healthy’ peanut butter cups, I may or may not have just eaten one in less than 60secs) I’ve realised I haven’t written a blog post in a little while so thought why not write one now!

Christchurch is still ticking boxes for us and I’m slowly using google maps less and less which is a real achievement, I’m actually smug when I get from A to B without needing it. Here are some random thoughts/facts/rambles:

  • It takes a while to get used to new surroundings- whilst in many ways New Zealand is similar to the UK, there are also lots of ways it’s totally different and these are the things that throw you! Everything in towns/cities is just very…convenient here. Especially Christchurch – because of the earthquakes it has basically been rebuilt (and it’s amazing) but basically it’s one big grid of roads and buildings. When finding my way around I genuinely think of the city centre as a big square grid. A little different to windy country roads and sprawl of little old Norwich!
  • It’s easy to lead an active lifestyle here- everywhere I go, I see so many cyclists in Christchurch and rightly so- there are really good bike lanes on loads of the roads throughout the city so you basically have your own lane in the road..easy to jump on your bike and head to where you’re going! I’ve cycled across the city a few times to get to work and my ride to the pool this morning was so straight forward (I went swimming for the first time in a long time!! 2600m not too shabby). I obviously surround myself with active people due to my job- however these wonderful people don’t just train for the sake of training or the aesthetics- they train so they can run up the bridal path to see their beautiful city, or they train for triathlons and other endurance’s pretty cool and they are SO inspiring! Also in the winter we’re not too far from ski slopes! I know it’s not impossible to lead an active lifestyle back in the UK but here I almost feel more of a sense of freedom with it all- I’m not so confined to the gym anymore and it’s liberating.
  • I do not feel festive in the slightest – how, I repeat HOW am I supposed to feel festive in the summer time?? Christmas decs and lights look soooo wrong and part of me actually longs for a chilly day at home, wrapping up warm and then snuggling up with a hot choc/mulled wine and watching Christmas films (oh hi home sickness). I do have to remind myself however, that I would probably only like this for about a day and then I’d be moaning about my hands being cold and longing to be back in the sunshine (it’s been up to 31degrees this week, sorry).
  • I do miss my family – why won’t they create super sonic fast planes or rockets or something ASAP? Sometimes I just want to join them for a meal or a quick cup of tea and a cuddle with my scrumptious little Niece. But hey, FaceTime is the next best thing for now 🙂
  • The grass isn’t always greener? – this is the one thing that a few people said to me before making the move to NZ. I’ve learnt that the grass just depends on how much you water it 😋 James and I still have so much we want to see and do in New Zealand and now we’re in the perfect position to be able to do so. Yes..we’re working, but the important thing for us is that we enjoy what we do and then make the most of our free time. I’ve also been told that I am ‘brave’ to be doing what I’m doing, but really I’m not. Once you actually make a decision and go forward with a big move, it’s not so scary. I think you realise that the world is quite small really…and that comforts me 😊

Oh and last but certainly not least…

  • Coffee culture peanut butter cups are delicious 😉

Much love to you all back home and Happy Christmas, enjoy some hot mulled wine for me and wrap up warm.

A x

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  1. Ali says:

    Alice what a lovely blog giving real insight into your new life and comparisons with your old home.
    I especially love your analogy of the grease being greener….keep watering!!!
    Ali xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alice says:

      Thanks Ali 😊 lots of love xxx


  2. Ali says:



  3. Sarah pond says:

    Alice I love reading your blogs! Yet another talent you have! Happy Christmas to you both x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alice says:

      Thank you Sarah! Miss you- still wearing my little elephant everywhere I go! Happy Christmas to you and your family Xxx


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