Its Chriiiiiistmasss – is it??

Just a  post to say Happy Christmas to everyone back at home home (UK)! I quite simply do not feel like it’s the festive season AT all, mainly due to light mornings/evenings, warm weather, lack of any kind of christmassy vibes. It’s so alien to hear christmas songs in the summer time, christmas jumpers can’t even be a thing because you’d get heatstroke, let alone snuggling up with a warm cup of cocoa- more like pass me an ICE CREAM asap! A little bit of me longs to be cosied up but I feel pretty relaxed over the other side of the world. I’m embracing the warm December, making the most of the beautiful outdoors around me and running, swimming, hiking, cycling, MOVING everywhere 🙂 there is something to be said for being able to spend a December weekend outdoors and watching beach sunsets.

Happy NZ Christmas one and all – I’ve heard that new zealanders love a bit of pavlova on christmas day so you’ll find me munching on a bowl full (or two).

A x

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  1. Lucie Hustler says:

    Hi Alice !! Lovely messages. We would love to transport all of us to have that icecream with you on the beach in 70 degrees ! You will have an amazing time and we must all try and skype on our Xmas eve/ur xmas day – ha it will be bedlam and we are hoping that your family can join our christmas eve drinks.

    The worst kind of english weather here atm, freezing fog, damp, grrrr, you are absolutely not allowed to show us pictures of swimwear, skinny T shirts, even polo shirts before March ! ! XXXXX

    I hope your customers in the gym are nice people and do their exercises between lessons. You can always tell the ones that do it at home and not just at the lesson I am guessing !!! Good luck with the classes across Christmas and I hope you enjoy having sole charge of it all.

    Much love to you both, talk soon.


    Lucie Hustler Tel: 01508 488220



  2. Jonathan Hustler says:

    You make me feel like I want to be there right now, away from the UK frost!

    Well done Alice, glad you are having fun. X

    From Johnny Hustler mobile 07802 862482



  3. Ali says:

    Happy Christmas to you and James. These photos are lovely and I’m sure you’ll carry on enjoying the warm weather despite it not being Christmassy weather! Love from us all in Shipmeadow xxx 🌧❄️


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